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Lemon Sour Diesel Organic Terpene Blend



Specially blended with ratios tweaked specifically to mimic the flavor profile of Lemon Sour Diesel normally found in nature, this blend contains the following terpenes:

  • alpha-pinene
  • myrcene
  • terpinolene
  • limonene
  • linalool
  • geraniol
  • alpha-humulene
  • beta-caryophyllene
  • alpha-bisabolol
  • camphene
  • beta-pinene


Our Terpene formulae are 100% terpenes - you won't find any additives such as PG or VG. Please be aware that this is a highly concentrated product and must be diluted properly to be used. 

Available in 3.5ml, 30ml, and larger quantities at bulk rates upon request.

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